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Re: Sai Baba - Does he claim to be God?

Aug 17, 1999 07:19 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:10 AM 08/17/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>MKR wrote:
>> The problem arises when in theosophical circles one holds the firm view
>> that it is ok to hold *blind* *beliefs* about certain acceptable names
>> while it is not ok to treat someone like Sai Baba even handedly for what he
>> has done and has been doing for the welfare of the Humanity.
>> Again when the misinterpretation comes from one who has grown up in the
>> West is understandable; it is more difficult to understand when it comes
>> from those who should know East better.
>I suppose theosophical circles differ, I have heard Radha 
>Burnier wonder about Sai Baba, which to my mind gives the 
>idea that she is open to what he might be. But in general 
>theosophical students study less of the different new 
>prophets than the second object suggests them to do. It is 
>a pity. But I am myself an admirer of Sai Baba, and also 
>part of some *theosophical circles*. ;-)

Dear Katinka: I think you have hit the nail on its head. To me it does not
much matter whether another person is a god, adept, initiate, chela,
neophyte, or just an ordinary dumb person or even an inanimate object. What
is more important is what I am able to get or understand from any person or
thing which makes me a better person as a result of better understanding
which may lead to help other living beings whose life may become better
because of what I say or do or make things happen. I have good friends who
are followers of Sai Baba  who have done excellent work and are doing
excellent work in helping the poor and needy and I do help them in any way
I can. They are some of the people I can seek help any time for any purpose
for myself or for anyone else.


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