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Re: Internet in India

Aug 17, 1999 07:36 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I hope so. The bottom line is making theosophy accessible to the world. Its
effect on the world is what counts and not through which channel.

There is the long standing organizational mind set which seem to pervade
all through the various sections around the world which seem to indicate
that none of the elected national and international official are seen on
the Internet maillists or newsgroups interacting with the theosophical
community. What we see is static web pages (which is mostly one way
communication, akin to print publications) and pictures of some of the
elected officials in some web sites -- I do not know if those pictures are
meant to send any subliminal messages to inquirers?

In the longer run, the whole question of the role of organizations may
drastically change. Will have to see.


At 10:14 AM 08/17/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi all > >> I hope the ease of access of Internet in India may have some
effect on TS >> Adyar to more extensively use Internet as a medium to spur
the spread of >> Theosophy around the world. >Well, Adyar is slow, but it
is coming round I think. Though >the western branches of *Adyar* are faster
than the Indian >branch. Also the whole stuff is not well organised yet. We
>will see. I think Blavatskynet is doing such a good job, >Adyar need not
duplicate that. Blavatskynet links also to >Adyar-sites, so that is good.
>I think the internet will spread the working together of >the different
TS-es. > >Katinka >---------------------- >NHL Leeuwarden
> > > >

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