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Re: Internet in India

Aug 17, 1999 01:14 AM
by hesse600

Hi all

> I hope the ease of access of Internet in India may have some effect on TS
> Adyar to more extensively use Internet as a medium to spur the spread of
> Theosophy around the world.
Well, Adyar is slow, but it is coming round I think. Though 
the western branches of *Adyar* are faster than the Indian 
branch. Also the whole stuff is not well organised yet. We 
will see. I think Blavatskynet is doing such a good job, 
Adyar need not duplicate that. Blavatskynet links also to 
Adyar-sites, so that is good. 
I think the internet will spread the working together of 
the different TS-es.

NHL Leeuwarden

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