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Re: Sai Baba - Does he claim to be God?

Aug 17, 1999 01:10 AM
by hesse600

MKR wrote:
> The problem arises when in theosophical circles one holds the firm view
> that it is ok to hold *blind* *beliefs* about certain acceptable names
> while it is not ok to treat someone like Sai Baba even handedly for what he
> has done and has been doing for the welfare of the Humanity.
> Again when the misinterpretation comes from one who has grown up in the
> West is understandable; it is more difficult to understand when it comes
> from those who should know East better.

I suppose theosophical circles differ, I have heard Radha 
Burnier wonder about Sai Baba, which to my mind gives the 
idea that she is open to what he might be. But in general 
theosophical students study less of the different new 
prophets than the second object suggests them to do. It is 
a pity. But I am myself an admirer of Sai Baba, and also 
part of some *theosophical circles*. ;-)

NHL Leeuwarden

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