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Re: Sai Baba - Does he claim to be God?

Aug 17, 1999 07:12 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:32 AM 08/17/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear mkr
>> In the past, I recall some statements being made that one of the reasons
>> for some "theosophists" objecting to Sai Baba and his teachings is that he
>> claims to be God. During the weekend, I listened to a tape of a lecture by
>> Sai Baba and I could not find any mention what so ever of his being God.
>> Does anyone have any specific reference to back up the claim that he claims
>> to be God?
>> I am wondering if all this is just misunderstanding. While Buddha himself
>> claimed he was a human being like all of us, there are followers who tread
>> Buddha as a God. It is quite possible that it is the followers's
>> misunderstanding and overstatement of treating Sai Baba as a God.
>As far as I know Sai Baba claims to be an avatar, which is 
>an incarnation of *god*. I think he claims to be an avatar 
>of Shiva. Sai Baba does claim to be more than an avarage 
>human being, though he also says we all have the same 
>potential, I think.

Dear Katinka:
Where did you read about this? Just interested. And again, the bottom line
is what his followers think of him. Looking at the work that is being done,
by his followers, I have no quarrel with either his being a god or just
another human being.


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