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Re: theos-l digest: March 19, 1999

Mar 29, 1999 02:43 AM
by hesse600

Dear Kym,

I wrote:
> >In fact I grew up 
> >feeling that it was logical and natural to be selfish 
> >and unkind. 
Kym wrote:
> I do not believe that MOST people are raised to believe 
> that it is
> "logical" and "natural" to be selfish (I am assuming 'unselfish' was a
> typo?) and unkind.  This is not to say that your personal experience is not
> true - but my point is that most people, if asked, do at least know or
> believe that being unkind and selfish is in error.  

You are right: I did not mean what people say or are 
raised to think, but about what is implicit in 
relationships and actions. Maybe also the relative lack of 
religious upbringing in my country (the Netherlands)shows 
its ugly face, though of course it has the upside that I 
was not raised to believe in miracles that go against the 
laws of nature, or that there is a GOD out there who has a 
beard and likes personal vengiance and is yet also loving.

>> Certain circumstances may give rise to such actions, but 
humans have an innate sense of a psychic battle going on 
between "good" and "bad."  I believe that most people 
desire to be "good" - to be seen as "good" - to think 
themselves "good" and "doing good for others." >>

yes, probably.
I agree with most things in your e-mail especially:

> Until I HAVE BECOME what I believe all people should become, I cannot
> expect others to do so.  

Yes, that has been the basis of what eventially brought me 
to theosophy. I was not trying to suggest that the T.S. or 
any other nominal Theosophical society is the place for 
everyone. When I talk about the blessings of theosophy, 
perhaps I should have clarified that everything that leads 
to wisdom and helps one to become unselfish is theosophy 
for me. 

> >I would think that people who do 
> >fight the social predudices like that (in even stronger 
> >ways) do get some support from *higher* levels.

> I think even those who do NOT fight social prejudices get support and
> attention from "higher" levels.  No one is left behind or ignored.

I do not agree with that. I think we get what we deserve. 
That also means that effort is rewarded. 

NHL Leeuwarden

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