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[1] Dzyan Esoteric School, the U.L.T.'s Esoteric Group

Mar 20, 1999 04:50 PM
by David Green

The Dzyan Esoteric School is the official name of the esoteric section 
or school of the United Lodge of Theosophists.  According to an esoteric 
paper of the D.E.S.---

"The active Agent of the School is known as the 'Secretary, D.E.S.'  All 
communications should be addressed to that agent, and all 
communications, instructions and directions, to applicants and members 
will be issued by that office and over the signature 'Secretary, 
D.E.S.'. . ."

"Every application for entrance into this School must be sent to the 
Secretary, D.E.S."

The office of the "Secretary, D.E.S." was first located in the 
Headquarters of the United Lodge of Theosophists at 504 Metropolitan 
Building, Los Angeles, California.  This address was at the intersection 
of Broadway at Fifth Steet.  Later when the U.L.T. Headquarters was 
moved to a new location & building at 245 West 33rd Street, the D.E.S. 
office was also transferred to new location.  This West 33rd Street 
address is still the headquarters of the U.L.T. Los Angeles.

Members of the D.E.S. corresponded with the Secretary & received their 
esoteric instructions and documents through the U.S. Mail.

At the West 33rd Street Headquarters of the U.L.T., an "Esoteric Room" 
was reserved exclusively for meetings of D.E.S. members.  This room 
housed the two portraits of Masters Morya & Koot Hoomi.  This was the 
situation as of the late sixties & early seventies.  Whether this setup 
is still in existence is uncertain.  One of my U.L.T. informants 
promises to obtain more information about the setup & possibly a 
photograph of the D.E.S. office.  

Where did the name "Dzyan Esoteric" School or Section originate? In 
"Theosophy" magazine, February 1915, p. 188, Mr Robert Crosbie 

"...The actual name of the School of the Masters [is not] used by any of 
the so-called esoteric sections of the now numerous Theosophical 

One might infer from this statement that Mr Crosbie believed he *knew* 
the actual name of the School.  Mr Crosbie & his U.L.T. colleagues 
derived the name of the D.E.S. from at least two sources.  One source 
was a "Charter of The Dzyan Esoteric Section of the Theosophical 
Society" issued to the Boston Esoteric Lodge when Crosbie lived in 
Boston.  This was during the life of William Q Judge.  All local 
esoteric groups of the E.S.T. were issued *similar* charters during both 
Mrs Blavatsky's and Mr Judge's lifetimes.  A facsimile of one such 
charter can be seen in Blavatsky's "The Original Programme of the 
Theosophical Society," published by The Theosophical Publishing 
House---Adyar, Madras, India.  Edited by Mr C. Jinarajadasa.

More in Part [2].

David Green

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