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Re: Seven more Lifetimes?

Mar 20, 1999 12:57 PM
by Douwe Boschma

>>>Do you think HPB, KH or M would not know if they were on
>their 'seventh life' - even if this whole notion was valid and not an
>esoteric blind?<<
>I think that they would neither know nor care. But all of those you=
>did TRY and did DARE and would have remained SILENT in any case.=20
>And yes, I think the 7-more-lifetimes business is a blind. I have never=20
>seen this anywhere except in HPB's writings, and she was masterful=20
>at discussing occult truths from oblique angles.
>Jerry S.

I also know of this from Zen-Buddhist (I believe it is even Bodhidharma
who talks of this) and Taoist sources, that one needs 7 lifes at least
from the beginning to the end of the path.
I also remember Rudolf Steiner saying of this, when talking of a person
becoming Bodhisattava.

Personally I would not be surpised, because there are seven stages,
connected to the seven rays, if one would be connected to the highest ray
at a sudden a t the start of the path, then the body would not be able to
cope the radiation. It is hard enough to cope the shift from one ray to
the other one in one life , left allone all of them at once in the first
life on the path...

In the seventh life one will have to go trough all six former ones, stage
by stage, but in this paticular case the body has been prepared for it. (
I also rememer Steiner saying something similar)

I think that they knew their incarnation well enough... There is a point
at which you choose from within, this choice is a YES without any desire
or whatever. It is just formed by knowledge (Gnosis) which makes it no
more then logic to say Yes. Upon this Yes, there is no need for a return.
(unless one desires to do so, as in many cases happens).

Kind regards,


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