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RE: Theos-World Psychology == various views and angles

Mar 19, 1999 02:33 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

March 19th

All I would like to add to what Rich has said is that anyone who
is a student of Theosophy is also one who stays well abreast of
the advances in all departments of Science and development.

A look at the current issues of THEOSOPHY Magazine (Los Angeles)
or THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT  (Bombay) will show that there are
articles and "paragraphs" which direct attention to significant
advances in thought and discovery that scientists and academics

Broadly, one cannot be a true student of Theosophy without also
being keenly aware of the world around him or her, and its
progress.  It is but natural that these discoveries will be
checked with ?Theosophical doctrines in the ever continuing
attempt made by every free-willed individual to arrive at TRUTH
for him or herself.

The only thing that it will be difficult to change are the
"fundamental principles" and the main doctrines of Theosophy
 the immanence of the Universal spirit in Man, rendering him an
"immortal;" the operations of universal Karma;  the process of
reincarnation;  the unity of the Great Cause of human
Brotherhood; and, the doctrines concerning the Psychology of the
soul ] .

All the changes in the world of science, thought, and technology
will be found on examination to still fall within those
parameters mentioned in theosophy.  And in the past 125 years I
have not noticed anything significant that has either attacked or
breached the "fundamentals" as originally presented.

In Sylvia Cranston's biography of HPB (latest revised edition is
1998, Tarcher, New York-1991--) a good deal of space has been
reserved to show how discoveries and findings since her death in
1891 have served to reinforce Theosophical doctrines and
demonstrate their viability and continue usage.  Not the reverse.

This does not mean that there are no theosophical "ostriches".
But to characterize all as self-limiting, is also not quite fair,
as the principles that HPB advanced on behalf of the Masters and
the Lodge of Adepts (the MAHATMAS) contain, admittedly, the
principles which once learned and understood, can be universally
applied.  The applications are incapable of being enforced, as
the process of self-development entails self-regulation and the
entire freedom to choose.  Each human is entirely free-willed and
as such each determines their own procedures and speed of change
and direction.

It as about as unfair to characterize with a broad brush all
students of theosophy, as it is for a Malay to try to
characterize an "American." Or, for an Amazonian "Indian" to
speak of and characterize the many sects and practices of
"Buddhism."  All broad statements have to be modified by noting
their exceptions, and the thousands of individual differences
that represent personal criteria adopted for living, study,
recreation, etc...

I may have misunderstood what Rich says, and if so I apologize,
but felt it might be good to offer a slight modification to it.

Best to all,



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In a message dated 3/19/99 4:07:36 PM, Jerry wrote:

<<Modern psychology, excluding

transpersonal, looks at only this life, but it does go far to
show why

we do things and how the human mind (manas) works, which

even Theosophy lacks. >>

Jerry, I have discovered that however articulate one may be about
modern research, one will still be attacked by those who want
studied, practiced or preached which does not come from Theosophy

There is some deep-rooted prejudice against *any* field of study
which is not
mentioned in HPB's writing, and which appears to have anything to
Theosophy.  I think I know why this is: because HPB was allegedly
the "great
teacher" of our cycle--so the argument goes--she knew everything
of value.
What she didn't mention, doesn't have value.  Thus, readers of
assure themselves, modern physics, psychology, comparative
chemistry, linguistics -- all of these are stupid wastes of time.
(Which also
has the unfortunate side effect of keeping the faithful in
ignorance of modern
thought, whatever its value or lack thereof.)

This reminds me of the attitude of some early Muslims, that all
one needed to
know was in the Qur'an.  As soon as these Muslims were in power,
they burned
everything else, including the Alexandrian library (which of
course had
already been burned by the early Christians the first time.)


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