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Re: theos-l digest: March 19, 1999

Mar 20, 1999 12:00 PM
by kymsmith

Katinka wrote:

>In fact I grew up 
>feeling that it was logical and natural to be unselfish and 
>unkind. Theosophy has helped me gain the more natural base 
>of feeling that to live and try to live ethically is a 
>respectable way of living. 

I do not believe that MOST people are raised to believe that it is
"logical" and "natural" to be selfish (I am assuming 'unselfish' was a
typo?) and unkind.  This is not to say that your personal experience is not
true - but my point is that most people, if asked, do at least know or
believe that being unkind and selfish is in error.  Certain circumstances
may give rise to such actions, but humans have an innate sense of a psychic
battle going on between "good" and "bad."  I believe that most people
desire to be "good" - to be seen as "good" - to think themselves "good" and
"doing good for others."

Capitalism, religious fundamentalism, and other such philosophies do try to
suggest that being unselfish or forgiving or tolerant will eventually lead
one to be the last in line for the ever-elusive goodies.

But if such philosophies (like fundamentalism) were "natural" to the human
mind and soul, there would not be such rampant depression, anger, fear, and
sadness we now see and experience.  It is because we KNOW what is "good"
and we KNOW the path we are on is destructive.  Breaking the cycle is what
is needed - and Theosophy does not have the one single answer for every
person (nor does any other faith) - if they did, they would have taken hold
of each person's heart who had been exposed to these belief systems and the
world would not be as it is.

Until I HAVE BECOME what I believe all people should become, I cannot
expect others to do so.  Some of the actions of the "Mahatmas" I find cruel
and unkind - but I must be tolerant of them too since I have flapped about
"getting the beam out of my own eye."  Bummer.

The closer I get to 40, the more I realize that other humans are not simply
"ME" in funny clothing.

>I would think that people who do 
>fight the social predudices like that (in even stronger 
>ways) do get some support from *higher* levels.

I think even those who do NOT fight social prejudices get support and
attention from "higher" levels.  No one is left behind or ignored.


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