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Re: Supposed Denigration of Mr Robert Crosbie & other U.L.T. items

Mar 29, 1999 02:27 AM
by hesse600

Dear David Green,

> I'm even more puzzled & quite interested in the type of hysterical 
> response many U.L.T. associates have to any questioning of the claims of 
> Mr Crosbie & U.L.T.  Mr Richard Taylor's latest effusion on the subject 
> & his harsh words directed towards me are the most recent example of 
> this quite (IMO) paradoxical & even somewhat bizarre behavior.
> Examining U.L.T. publications, one finds considerable amount of 
> historical material in which annoymous authors have harshly criticized & 
> (some would say) have denigrated other Theosophical societies & their 
> leaders.   
As a member of the T.S.A. (A stands for Adyar not America) 
I am a bit releaved that the Theosophical group that is 
being critisized is not the T.S.A. for a change. Thank you 
I suppose all theosophical organisations have 
characteristics that can be critisized. 

Katinka Hesselink
NHL Leeuwarden

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