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Re: THEOS-L digest 1642

Sep 23, 1998 07:03 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Directly aiding the needy is traditional in the East. Providing aid to the
needy via organizations is very very rare.

One of the ways I try to help the needy is when I see people at street
corners seeking help. I try to given them a dollar or two. My logic is
simple. No one wants to stand in the street corner in very hot or cold
weather for fun. If these people are really hungry, my little help may
alleviate a bit of their hunger. A very hungry person may try to break into
my car or my home causing a lot of damage to get something of very little
value. My help may reduce the possibility of such an instance.

I have also seen that when someone sees my give a dollar or so, invariably
it sets others in the vicinity think and many time others also give what
they can.

Was not it Lord Buddha who said "let not left hand know what the right hand
gives, lest the left hand come in the way of giving"? What a sage saying
with much meaning.

If everyone tries to help other whatever little they can -- by a kind word,
deed or money, it will go a long way to uplift the suffering fellow beings.


At 10:47 AM 9/23/1998 -0400, wrote:
>In a message dated 9/22/98 10:09:57 PM, you wrote:
><<It is usual for all non profits to ask for contributions, which they will
>be very eager to accept. But will be very protective of any questions on
>the spending details and especially when it comes to compensation issues.
>Those of us who are sensitive to the non profit compensation may want to
>look at them before we contribute to any non profit groups.
>Many believe it is best to provide charitable help directly to the needy
>rather than thru intermediaries even though the intermediaries may have
>very laudable aims.>>
>Y'know, I don't begrudge the high salary if that's how you must attract and
>retain top talent.  Sometimes, though, I don't feel like sending in my money
>to someone who is making a lot more than I am.  Transferring my wealth to the
>wealthier, you know what I mean?  I might personally rather give my money to
>someone who is worse off than I am, instead of sending my pennies to some guy
>driving around in a Mercedes, which makes me feel like a chump.  This
calls to
>mind an incident in a church I once belonged to.  It was near Christmas
and it
>was announced that everyone should be able to afford to contribute at least
>$10.  I never appreciate someone telling me what I can or cannot afford, in
>the first place.  Moreover, I noticed that the priest's car was a lot nicer
>than mine, which was so old it was starting to fall apart, and I didn't have
>enough money to get another one - and I thought to myself, when my car is
>nicer than his, then I'll send the money....Meanwhile, I need to take care of
>my own business first.

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