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Microsucks Outlook Express Problems

Sep 24, 1998 04:54 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is an interesting msg from listening-l, the Krishnaji maillist. It may
be useful to some of the subscribers. I am also posting a reply I posted to
this msg.


I have received up to a dozen copies of each message for a day sometimes,
for me the cause was this.

I am currently using Microsucks Outlook Express. If an email is "stuck" on
my Microsucks NT Email server because it's too large or some other reason it
will fail to remove the already received items from the server. So if there
are 50 emails on the server and the 31st is "bad" then I will receive the
first 30 again and again.

The solution has been to use Pegasus to download the list of mail and then
forwarding the smaller ones back to myself.

With the new version of Pegasus I should probably switch to it. BTW,
Microsucks Outlook Express also tends to crash on my system.


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