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Buddhists in Russia

Aug 01, 1998 11:07 AM
by John E Mead

I'm forwarding this message to you in order to
raise awareness of this issue.

john e. mead

feel free to forward this plea for help along to others.
Peace circles at local lodges may be appropriate too. 

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>Subject: [FWD: Please, Help!] (fwd)
>Forwarding this message on behalf of the Buddhistic Traditional Sangha of
>Russia. =20
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>Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 11:31:38 -0500
>From: kirill <>
>Subject: [FWD: Please, Help!]
>Buddhistic Traditional Sangha of Russia
>St.-Petersburg Buddhistic temple
>Datsan "Gunzeitchoiney"
>St.-Petersburg, 91 Primorskii St.  Russia
>Phone/fax (007-812) 254-49-12 (Zotov L. Andrey: contact man)
>Buddhists of St.-Petersburg ask for help.
>To all buddhistic organizations, cuddhists, interested and sympathizing to
>the Doctrine of Buddha, and to mass media, representatives of authority
>and law-enforcement authorities, Russian and international human rights
>protected organizations.=20
>The conventual prior, talapoin community and parishioners of
>St.-Petersburg Buddhistic temple "Datsan Gunzeitchoiney" ask for help and
>Our temple belongs and depended to Buddhistic Traditional Sangha of Russia
>- All-Russia Buddhists, assignee former "ZDUB" USSR.=20
>In July 23 1998 at 10-30am on territory of a temple have rushed 5 persons
>in militia uniform and 10 person in the civilian clothes. Not showing any
>documents these people have declared that territory of a temple conventual
>prior and talapoin community occupies illegally and it is used for storage
>of drugs. At conventual prior of Datsan "Gunzeitchoiney"  Badmaev B.B. by
>force have deprive a key from the safe, and him, together with all
>talapoins, living in a temple, and public, come to pray in a temple, under
>threat of fire-arms (pistols and self-firer) reconduct in one of the room
>of a temple and have kept there till 1pm o'clock.=20
>From=20aggressor=F4s words has become clear, that they represent 25 branche=
>of militia "RUVD"  of Primorsky area, to what testified militia machine
>with an inscription < Primorsky RUVD > and special labels on a uniform. On
>the business card, left by one of the civilians appears: Concern
><Protection> Romanenko Vladimir Igorevitch, assistant of the general
>director on physical guards. The address: St.-Petersburg, 8 Sestrorezkaya
>street.  As the representative GUVD somebody has showed the certificate
>From=2013.00 till 13.30 aggressor by brute force application and under
>threat of fire-arms (pistols and self-firer) reconduct conventual prior of
>Datsan =F5Gunzeitchoiney=E6, all talapoins, living in Datsan , and public,
>come to pray in a temple on a street and until to the present time in a
>temple did not admit.=20
>On words of the lawyers, actions the employees of militia roughly have
>broken a number of the laws of Russian Federation.  By the unconfirmed
>intelligence the legal and financial documents < Datsan "Gunzeitchoiney" >
>were destroyed by aggressors.=20
>Nowadays group of sectarians, not entering in one official traditional
>Russian Buddhistic association, under lead Tchemitova, N. Agafonovoy, and
>U. Krimpatitch, grasping premise < Datsan "Gunzeitchoiney" >, and has set
>in doors of the employees of "Protection" concern, by announcing itself by
>"owners" of a temple was locked in it. The talapoins and postulants of a
>monastery, led by conventual prior, have remained to spend the night in
>the street.  They have remained only in those clothes, in which were -
>monk=F4s attire, they do not have not habitation not livelihoods for
>tomorrow's day.  It has taken place at once after in a temple the
>representative of holiness Dalai Lama gave the Doctrine, the official
>mentor of our temple the Tibetan monk Lodoy Rimpotche, which arrival has
>become a holiday for all buddhists of our city.  All Buddhistic of a
>community of cities, which are included in Traditional Sangha of Russia,
>have declared the non-participation in the above-stated events and are
>indignant of that the gangsters, grasping the temple, refer addressed to
>esteemed by all buddhists holiness Dalai Lama.  The given actions are the
>vandalism act in relation to the consecrated temple, desecrate sacred for
>all buddhists of the world a place, roughly trample on feelings of
>believers, break a traditional rhythm daily prayer and rituals, break
>educational process of the talapoins and postulants.=20
>For past year < Datsan "Gunzeitchoiney" >, under a management of
>conventual prior Badmaev B.B., has united in the walls of believers all
>traditional buddhists of directions: Gelug, Ningma, Kagiu, Sakiah,
>Dzogtchen, Dzen, Rimey, the traditions Theravada, recently in a temple
>gave manuals under the Buddha Doctrine of the Teacher various Buddhistic
>schools and directions, such, as revere Lama Eshe Lodoy Rimotche,
>representative of school Sakia: lama Tchjamia Lekshe, representatives of
>school Nigma lama Kempo Pema Zevang Pimpotche, lama Dzogtchen Khempo
>Tchoga Rimpotche, lama Amdo, lama Gontchok Zering, representative of
>tradition Theravada conventual prior of a monastery Amaravaty (England)
>Adjan Virodan, representative of school Dzen Kvan Um the teacher Vu Bong,
>spiritual representative of holiness Dalai Lama geshe Tchjampa Tinley,
>Shaolin monastery conventual prior, Hong-Kong Dzen center abbey, revere
>conventual Huan Um Sunim and many others. Weekly representatives various
>Buddhistic of communities of city of St.-Petersburg. For one day did not
>Each day of a door of a temple were opened for all. But since today
>believers and the monks cannot enter a temple. In doors the employees of
>concern <Protection> which are not having in general any relation to
>businesses Buddhistic commune.  From the moment of repeated opening of a
>temple in 1989 at its doors never stood of the armed guards, which did not
>give a believer to bow Buddhistic halidom (temple is constructed in 1913
>also was closed in 1937, the temple was returned to a believer in 1989).=20
>Today doors of a temple were closed for everything, whether they will stay
>closed forever, depends on your help.  The information on a situation in a
>temple preliminary also will be specified.=20
>The Datsan "Gunzeitchoiney" contact man: Zotov L. Andrey 24.07.98

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