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lot of work

Aug 01, 1998 01:12 AM

Hi gang 
I have been REAL BUSY, in my school things this season, so i guess, i will resign from the theos-talk lists. is just TOO much for me to read, and i do not have time to do it. i am reading my mail-list letters about once a week (at most) and I am still having problems with the netaddress e-mail, that refuses me to send letters by netscape  or eudora because (I believe it's only a matter of misspelling) does not accept me my SMTP address that i give it : "". at first i believe it was a problem of the comunicator, since i only used netscape navigator before, but now i'm suspecting that must be something else. i can recieve my mail by netscape, though.
Dear Eldon, is not a matter of discriminating your list (I LIKE your list) but is just TOO LONG for me to read it. i also will resign for other lists that i have suscription. I was also going to resign from theos-lists,but after i read something about Alan's problem, i said to me: "Well, i cannot resign from the little theos-club treehouse"!!!
Is a wonderful place, where i have meet you wonderful pepole, and i think i have to be in contact.
Well, i guess that's all for today. sorry folks.
P.S. I'll comeback soon!!

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