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Re: Help and ... Strings

Jul 10, 1998 08:53 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

I can't see anything in Eldon's post which is the least bit negative
about ACT.

	Bart Lidofsky

Ken Malkin wrote:
> Greetings Eldon,
> The Theosophical Society in America (TSA) membership that feels
> supportive a particular effort
> (e.g. ACT), is, as previously stated, part of ones own march toward
> discernment. I do not quite understand why you have chosen to bring
> fellow TSA members, working for an open and participatory Theosophical
> Society into this discussion. What those, who are supportive of and are
> working for, an open, non dogmatic and democratic forum, of/by the
> current administration of the TSA,  has to do with this original string,
> defies my understanding.
> Fellow members of our organization (TSA) have expressed  their views
> openly, publicly, honestly and forthrightly. There should be no reason
> to address their efforts, by innuendo, in a negative manner. Another
> project? seperative? it can be well and truly said, with merit, it
> appears only ACT has the larger, expansive, inclusive and evolutionary
> view of the TSA in mind, heart and ACTion.  If you wish to debate the
> merit or efforts of ACT, open another string, preferable on ACT-L.  I
> look forward to responding to anything you question, find fault with or
> are unhappy about.
> Eldon, I do not think of you as snide or small-minded. In fact I
> consider you a gentlemen. Your statement following has confused me and
> indeed made me question your motivation in this unfortunate dialogue.
> Really, what has the effort of ACT toward democratization of our beloved
> Theosophical Society have to do with another's unfortunate circumstance.
> Please Eldon,  reconsider further discussion along the lines of this
> original posting.
> As always, my peace profound,
> Ken Malkin
> Eldon wrote:
> Perhaps you could get ACT involved? Apart from local (US) theosophical
> politics, they could get involved in acquiring and setting up a
> theosophical center there? Something independent, apart from any
> established theosophical organization. It could house a number of
> people and Alan could be caretaker for life.

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