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Re: Corwall TI research acadamy

Jul 10, 1998 08:44 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Excellent idea. Already we have seen the unifying effect of Internet on
theosophical students. We have on Internet exchange of ideas and opinions
between theosophists belonging to any one of the organizations as well as
none at all. This has never happened in the last 123 years since TS was


At 08:08 PM 7/10/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>>>John E Mead wrote:
>>> I mentioned (to a couple of people) that it might be possible to apply
to the
>>> Kern Foundation for money to start a physical location for TI.
>>	Actually, not. Kern Foundation grants may not be used for real estate,
>>repairs, or building.
>>	Bart Lidofsky
>good point (but missed the actual point...)
>I think that maybe the Cornwall TI Research staff could promote
>(small t) theosophy world wide.
>The question is what do we (speaking as a TI member for TI) want to do over
>the next year
>to promote theosophy world-wide.  I would imagine that Dr A. Bain (and
>a coworker) would do most of the work, management, and be full-time employed
>by the project.
>It would be money very well spent considering the large International
>communication network
>he/they have already establiched from which to draw. 
>why would anyone think the think money would be spent on real estate ...
>that would be a waste
>of their/his talents.  we need to finance TS information R&D for year 2000
>and beyond.
>we need to create a theosophical, international, internet, multi-media,
>(for-the-world), state of the art, organizational hub for the next
millenia ...
>(I think I may qualify for a 'Dogbert New Ruling Class' award here :-)
>any helpers?  or are we just too dumb and lazy to do things ..
>peace -
>john e. mead

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