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Corwall TI research acadamy

Jul 10, 1998 05:35 PM
by John E Mead

>>John E Mead wrote:
>> I mentioned (to a couple of people) that it might be possible to apply to the
>> Kern Foundation for money to start a physical location for TI.

>	Actually, not. Kern Foundation grants may not be used for real estate,
>repairs, or building.
>	Bart Lidofsky

good point (but missed the actual point...)

I think that maybe the Cornwall TI Research staff could promote
(small t) theosophy world wide.

The question is what do we (speaking as a TI member for TI) want to do over
the next year
to promote theosophy world-wide.  I would imagine that Dr A. Bain (and possibly
a coworker) would do most of the work, management, and be full-time employed
by the project.
It would be money very well spent considering the large International
communication network
he/they have already establiched from which to draw. 

why would anyone think the think money would be spent on real estate ...
that would be a waste
of their/his talents.  we need to finance TS information R&D for year 2000
and beyond.
we need to create a theosophical, international, internet, multi-media,
(for-the-world), state of the art, organizational hub for the next millenia ...
(I think I may qualify for a 'Dogbert New Ruling Class' award here :-)

any helpers?  or are we just too dumb and lazy to do things ..

peace -

john e. mead

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