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Help and ... Strings

Jul 10, 1998 08:31 PM
by Ken Malkin

Greetings Eldon,

The Theosophical Society in America (TSA) membership that feels
supportive a particular effort
(e.g. ACT), is, as previously stated, part of ones own march toward
discernment. I do not quite understand why you have chosen to bring
fellow TSA members, working for an open and participatory Theosophical
Society into this discussion. What those, who are supportive of and are
working for, an open, non dogmatic and democratic forum, of/by the
current administration of the TSA,  has to do with this original string,
defies my understanding.

Fellow members of our organization (TSA) have expressed  their views
openly, publicly, honestly and forthrightly. There should be no reason
to address their efforts, by innuendo, in a negative manner. Another
project? seperative? it can be well and truly said, with merit, it
appears only ACT has the larger, expansive, inclusive and evolutionary
view of the TSA in mind, heart and ACTion.  If you wish to debate the
merit or efforts of ACT, open another string, preferable on ACT-L.  I
look forward to responding to anything you question, find fault with or
are unhappy about.

Eldon, I do not think of you as snide or small-minded. In fact I
consider you a gentlemen. Your statement following has confused me and
indeed made me question your motivation in this unfortunate dialogue.
Really, what has the effort of ACT toward democratization of our beloved
Theosophical Society have to do with another's unfortunate circumstance.
Please Eldon,  reconsider further discussion along the lines of this
original posting.

As always, my peace profound,
Ken Malkin

Eldon wrote:
Perhaps you could get ACT involved? Apart from local (US) theosophical
politics, they could get involved in acquiring and setting up a
theosophical center there? Something independent, apart from any
established theosophical organization. It could house a number of
people and Alan could be caretaker for life.

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