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Re: Help and ... Strings

Jul 10, 1998 09:44 PM
by Eldon B Tucker


>I do not quite understand why you have chosen to bring
>fellow TSA members, working for an open and participatory Theosophical
>Society into this discussion. What those, who are supportive of and are
>working for, an open, non dogmatic and democratic forum, of/by the
>current administration of the TSA,  has to do with this original string,
>defies my understanding.

I'm not bringing them into the string. If I were cross-posting
things to act-l, that would be, but that's not my intention.

Ramadoss' statement on theos-l gave me an idea that I though
I'd share, an idea that might involve ACT, or perhaps not, but
the idea was that an effort to set up a theosophical center
with Alan Bain as resident manager might be one solution to his
problem and at the same time a useful theosophical project in
its own right. As to ACT's involvement, I assume than only
its members can raise new items for its agenda, and I'm not clear
on how changes would be voted on, but I'd only expect someone
like Ramadoss to make the proposal to ACT should the circumstances
prove right. This would not be to dilute anything ACT is currently
doing, just an idea at a wider scope of theosophical work. And
the idea of creating a theosophical center as a place to do good
work and a solution to Alan's housing problem is being offered in
good will and in an attempt to be helpful.

>If you wish to debate the
>merit or efforts of ACT, open another string, preferable on ACT-L.  I
>look forward to responding to anything you question, find fault with or
>are unhappy about.

I'm not finding fault with ACT, only keeping my eyes open for
various ways of encouraging cooperation between the various
groups and projects.

>Eldon, I do not think of you as snide or small-minded. In fact I
>consider you a gentlemen. Your statement following has confused me and
>indeed made me question your motivation in this unfortunate dialogue.
>Really, what has the effort of ACT toward democratization of our beloved
>Theosophical Society have to do with another's unfortunate circumstance.

Nothing to do with it. They are separate projects, and it might be
ACT, if it chooses at some point to widen its agenda, or some other
group of theosophists, might take up the idea of the creation of
a theosophical center. 

>Please Eldon,  reconsider further discussion along the lines of this
>original posting.

I don't plan to get involved in opening further discussion about
Alan's situation, not offer additional comments or suggestions,
but only respond to anything that is posted that requires a response.
The idea of a creating a theosophical center was too good to let
pass, though, and the involvement or not-involvement of ACT was
incidental, a nice form of synergy if it could work out, but not
key to the main idea.


-- Eldon

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