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Re: THEOS-L digest 1569

Jun 25, 1998 06:12 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Dan:

On page 202 of H P Blavatsky's THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY, you will
find a condensed version of what the Maitreya Buddha is supposed
to be doing about 3,000 years from now when:  "Esoteric
philosophy teaches that the next Buddha will appear during the
seventh (sub) race of this Round."

"Exoteric or popular teaching [among Buddhists] states that
Sakyamuni (Gautama Buddha) visited him in Tushita (a celestial
abode) and commissioned him to issue thence on earth as his
successor  at the expiration of 5,000 years after his (Buddha's)

Numerous opinions have arisen since HPB's death about the
appearance of Maitreya Buddha and his supposed work.  One of the
best references is in SECRET DOCTRINE, Vol. 1,m p. 470 (bottom of
the page).  See also SD I 378, 384.

It is quite apparent that His appearance and work will be quite a
while in the future.  In the meantime we have much to do with
what we already have to learn and practice.

Best wishes,                Dallas

PS:  Also  consider :

One of the 7 "principles" of man is "Buddhi-Wisdom."  It is a
universal principle as Wisdom is no one's property.  And
therefore it is present in us, as the One spirit is also present
in Us as our root base for existence.  To contact it with our
mind is the problem.  Since it is universal and impersonal the
mind we use and direct has to be impersonalized, universalized,
and made porous to the wisdom that we already possess in our
"Higher Self."    D.

>Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 17:10:22 -0700
>From: DAN <>
>Subject: Maitreya Information from TS
>Message-ID: <>
>SUBJECT: Maitreya Information from TS
>There's been alot of stuff that I have seen on the web about
>supposed appearance and this Benjamin Creme fella...
>I haven't given it any real thought to the legitimacy of it as
yet?  I
>am curious what has came out of any ruling (lack of a better
>from the Theosophical Society however????
>There's No pushing this one off boys and girls!!!
>Also, I am also interested in personal opinions???
>If anyone knows of any such formal Theosophical Society's stance
or has
>an opinion on this
>matter... please e-mail me at:

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