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Re: Maitreya Information from TS

Jun 24, 1998 10:27 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 98-06-24 20:54:44 EDT, you write:

>SUBJECT: Maitreya Information from TS
>There's been alot of stuff that I have seen on the web about Maitreya's
>supposed appearance and this Benjamin Creme fella...
>I haven't given it any real thought to the legitimacy of it as yet?  I
>am curious what has came out of any ruling (lack of a better phrase)
>from the Theosophical Society however????
>There's No pushing this one off boys and girls!!!
>Also, I am also interested in personal opinions???
>If anyone knows of any such formal Theosophical Society's stance or has
>an opinion on this

The TS has no official position on anything as a matter of policy, but the
general consensus is that Creme is a crook, his Maitreya a fraud and the
followers thereof total idiots.

Now that doesn't mean that somewhere in the the society there are not a few
people who take this crap seriously because we have people who believe in a
lot more than two ridiculous things at the same time.  But I have never heard
of Creme and his false Maitreya (who apparently dwells in the sewers of London
and miraculously appears to soccer fans just after they riot) spoken of by
anyone in the TS except in the strongest terms of derision and ridicule.

Which both richly deserve.

Chuck the Heretic

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