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Re: Maitreya Information from TS

Jun 25, 1998 02:35 PM
by John E Mead

> supposed appearance and this Benjamin Creme fella...
> I haven't given it any real thought to the legitimacy of it as yet?  I
> am curious what has came out of any ruling (lack of a better phrase)
> from the Theosophical Society however????
> There's No pushing this one off boys and girls!!!
> Also, I am also interested in personal opinions???
> If anyone knows of any such formal Theosophical Society's stance or has
> an opinion on this

I thought B. Creme was 'dismissed' by most everyone years ago
(like in the 80's).  His predictions fell flat (last ones I heard
about...  ).  I thouht his Maitreya had died of old age by now :-)

The TS (as an institution) does not pass judgement on outsiders
(you have to join the Org to get judged :-).

peace -

john e. mead

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