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Re: Theos-World The Political Material That Fills theos-l

Mar 03, 1998 07:21 PM
by M K Ramadoss

On March 02, 1998 8:50 PM Ed Abdill wrote:

>For months I have been concerned about the political material
>that fills this list. While I do not question anyone's motive or
>right to speak their mind, a lot of what appears here gives the
>reader the IMPRESSION that frequently the writers are angry,
>demanding, self righteousness, and quick to suspect others of
>wrong doing.
>What follows is not meant to criticize anyone or open a dialog on
>the way the Society is managed by its elected officials. Rather,
>I want simply to suggest a way of looking at anger, attempts to
>change others, the insidious problem of self righteousness, our
>use of the word "Truth," and the suspicion that we humans often
>face in ourselves.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> clip <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

First of all, we need to understand the fundamental fact that unmoderated
(uncensored) maillists are a totally new medium not like any world has seen
in the past.

It is a great level field in which men and women, members and non members
alike can speak up their minds and views with no fear of being censored or
controlled directly or indirectly. The world all over in the past is used
to censored and controlled communication medium for too long a time and
hence coming up to speed to deal with the new medium is going to not easy
both culturally and intellectually especially for the organizations.

We all need to look at Theosophy and Theosophical Society. Even a newbee
should know the strengths and solidity of Theosophy and not to confuse it
with the strengths and weaknesses and administrative and organizational
problems of the organization both in the past as well as in the present as
well as the current leadership. This applies not only to the United States
but other countries in the world as well. I would rather associate myself
with an organization whose past and present problems I am fullly aware up
front rather than taken by surprise when it is too late.

When anyone speaks up their mind in a free forum like this, it should be
very welcome.

People who take the time to post msgs do it using their computer, pay for
their Internet connection, and take their personal time to write and post
the msgs. Why do they do it? It is their enthusiasm for the future of
Theosophy and the organization and the organizational issues they are
concerned about. If the responses appear to show anger or any other
characteristic, one should not forget the enthusiasm that is the driving
force behind them.

It is quite possible that from time to time there may have been msgs which
contained incorrect information or facts. I know that everyone posting msgs
here are honest and well meaning and trustworthy person and honest mistakes
if any are likely due to lack of accurate information or facts in their
possession. When such situations arise, it is the duty of everyone to post
a msg to correct the info or facts. It is quite possible that it is only
those in administration who know the actual facts and are in a position to
correct any wrong facts posted here. If not corrected promptly, no one on
this list should be blamed.

Looking at the downward membership trend of TS, surely many of those
posting msgs are really concerned and are thinking out loud. Such an
activity should be welcomed because it would give some ideas to think about
and may even save the organization. So however unsavory or harsh such posts
may look, one should take time and look at them with a view to see if it
could help.

We need to keep in mind that many of the comments on the leadership and
organization which may look like skepticism may in fact based on one or
more of past actions of the leadership and the organization. Such
questioning and caution is very healthy for everybody.

I am copying this Ed for his info.

My 0.002

M K Ramadoss

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