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Re: Neo-Human Analysis (1457)

Mar 10, 1998 07:10 PM
by Jaqtarin Triele

---Bart Lidofsky  wrote:

>     You then go on for several paragraphs explaining how great
> is, yet you fail to explain what it means, except in platitudes and
> As nearly as I can tell, what you are attempting to do is convert an
> state into words, and  failing to do so. Neo-Humanism may be an
> philosophical movement, and I believe that you are looking to get
people to
> believe in that philosophy. I'm not the only one who got that impression.  I have to
admit, though, that the post did have somewhat of a Shakespearean
flavor, with all the new combo-words.  I think it would make a very
good poem.  You know, the kind that means different things to
different people.  Kind of like horoscopes and the revelation.

>The only followers you will get if you do not
> explain what the philosophy is, however, are those who are afraid to
point out
> when the emperor has no clothes.
>So please put some clothing on your emperor,
> rather than try to state how good he's going to look once he's

Dieter:  Once again, I don't mean to be rude, but it sounded to me
like you were waiting for the next comet to come around, if you know
what I mean.  Our human lives depend on destroying other creatures to
nourish ourselves.  It is one of the evils we have to cope with.  I
think I understand your turmoil, but dwelling too much on necessary
evils isn't going to help any of us, especially you, in the end.
Think about this...if the human race died out anytime soon, with all
of the chemical, biological, nuclear, etc. etc. factories and
treatment plants, the ecosystem would be destroyed within 5 or 6 years
(my own uneducated guess).  No animals.  No plants.  No humans.  But
hey, the rocks might be happy with the situation, even though acid
rain would be beating down on them all the time.  We must destroy and
kill in order to create and preserve.  It is a vicious cycle that has
been known of for millenia.  Its not going to change; at least not by
an act of humanity.
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