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Neo-Human Analysis (1457)

Mar 12, 1998 05:50 PM
by Thoa Tran

Carrot Cake:
>Dieter:  Once again, I don't mean to be rude, but it sounded to me
>like you were waiting for the next comet to come around, if you know
>what I mean.  Our human lives depend on destroying other creatures to
>nourish ourselves.  It is one of the evils we have to cope with.  I
>think I understand your turmoil, but dwelling too much on necessary
>evils isn't going to help any of us, especially you, in the end.
>Think about this...if the human race died out anytime soon, with all
>of the chemical, biological, nuclear, etc. etc. factories and
>treatment plants, the ecosystem would be destroyed within 5 or 6 years
>(my own uneducated guess).  No animals.  No plants.  No humans.  But
>hey, the rocks might be happy with the situation, even though acid
>rain would be beating down on them all the time.  We must destroy and
>kill in order to create and preserve.  It is a vicious cycle that has
>been known of for millenia.  Its not going to change; at least not by
>an act of humanity.

Hey, orange vegetable, give Dieter a break.  Of course, I'm not surprised
that the name Dieter is associated with terms like Neo-Humanism.  Have you
ever heard of the joke about Dieter from Sprocket, the avant-garde artiste
(a Saturday Night Live character)?  Sorry, Dieter. :o)

Seriously, going beyond the off-putting term of Neo-Humanism, I think
Dieter has a point.  Sure, we all have to kill in differing levels to
survive on earth, but we also have a responsibility on this planet as
individuals.  We should appreciate everything that we take of this earth.
It's good to look at your food and realize where it all comes from, and the
sacrifices for those things to reach your plate.  Suppose you were to
travel to a parallel universe where the delicacy was barbequed children
because they have not reached the sentient level of adults?  How would you
convince people to stop eating them?  Anyway, I can see beyond Dieter's
terms because I've been reading too many art manuals.  The heart of it is

Now, I am not advocating for or against anything, but Dieter does have a
point, too.  Go ahead and keep on driving your big American car.

Thoa :o)

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