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Re: NEWS: Religious censoring of the Internet (And other types)

Mar 10, 1998 07:53 AM
by Estrella

> Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> > In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
> > <> writes
> > >On the other hand,
> > >when they come for me, I hope that there is someone left to speak for me. (On
> > >a
> > >third hand, there are a lot of so-called Theosophists out there who, if you
> > >defend
> > >paganism, accuse you of practicing black magick).
> >
> > And not only paganism ... and although we don't always see eye to eye
> > Bart, I for one will be there to speak for you.
>     Thank you. I was, of course, referring to the quotation (whose source I
> forget) about the Nazi's, which went something like, "First they came for the
> Communists, but, because I was not a Communist, I said nothing. Then, they came
> for the homosexuals, but, because I was not a homosexual, I said nothing. Then,
> they came for the Jews, but, because I was not a Jew, I said nothing. Then, they
> came for me, but there was nobody left to speak for me."
>     Bart Lidofsky

Wonderful phrase.I think i remember that from somewhere,some place i
think i have read that.
By the way, folks, talking about intolerance, did you know the latelest
on Mexican low intensity war in Chiapas?? A goverment-sell reporter
(Lolita de la Vega) pop in a helicopter in the Zapatista zone in the
town of La realidad, and maked a REAL PHONY tv video, saying (AGAIN!!)
That "All the zapatista there are "extranjeros" (Foreighners,from other
countries, aliens)
The real thing is that the zapatista rebel villagers keep there some Not
Goverment organizations pepole (Most of them caucasian look-like,-blond,
tall, colored eyes-  Some of them are tourists sympatizers of the
movement, The vast majority are Human rights organizations members) They
act as they life insurance. Goverment knows that cannot devast a village
full of foreighners.If it does, All of the developed countries will
Well, the case is that, after Lolita de la Vega put that horrendous
video (By the way, in their way out they demolished the school village
with the helicopter) The mexican goverment started EXPELLING ALL OF THE
FOREIGNERS OF CHIAPAS (Including some priests that had more than 20
years in the country) and also many caucasian type Mexicans (They exist,
even that you do not believe me) or with foreign last names, begin to
feel menaced because of that.
Wanna go in a trip to Chiapas,Doc Alan?? Or you Bart?? Or you Chuck???
Doss?? Somebody?? (By the way, where IS Chuck??)

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