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How much is how much??

Mar 10, 1998 06:31 AM
by Estrella

Hi gang
The other day, what Brenda posted to me, maked me think. i have seen
some stuff of the Metaphisical guys here, but i don't know, maybe
because my science background, or maybe because i'm just an sceptical, i
was thinking that the other day, comparing it to the Theosophical is quite compatible, but, it is justifiable???
The thing??
The taught.The power of taught.
It is, really, a powerful tool, a tremendous motor of energy, fountain
of power, and wisdom. but also is the tree of the good and evil.
And i was wondering....
I was thinking this, and i got to talk to a friend of mine. this friend
was questioning about the wizard path "the disciple path" my friend was
thinking, but, if we will be able to transform our reality (We were
reading this new agey guy book -DaEl,he works with crystals,the power of
quartz crystals, you can modify your world,and blahblahblah) Then, if we
modify our reality, TWO THINGS: We are generating karma of that?? Bad
karma, if we submit to our will,desire?? And two:IF SOMEONE PRESUMLY is
following this elevated path to be a wizard, a MASTER OF POWER AND
GOODNESS, the first thing for that, as Blavatsky stated, is to DELETE
ALL EVIL, ALL DESIRE, (ALL personality,looks like) Then the aspirant
pupil to be a wizard,will have to renounce to all of the world, and
concentrate to the INNER SILENCE.Then,If this aspirant has learned this
tool of transformation (Taught ,transmutation) that metaphisics say,the
power of the mind, word, and work, like the theosophists say, I, myself,
repeating what my friend asked,my own doubt too, It is valid to ASK?? To
create our own reality, in accord to our human and sometimes low
desires, desires from our astral body?? I raise my voice, and ask to you
too, It is VALID??? HOW MUCH IS HOW MUCH???? I ASK YOU.....If a boy
wants to be a WIZARD, to the SERVICE OF THE WORLD, that is clear, and HE
KNOWS IT, can then, when he discovers that POWERFUL CETRUS that is the
WORD,THE TAUGHT, Can then ask for himself, The woman that he loves?? The
job that he wants?? The siddhis that he needs-wants (Nothing harmful, he
believes) The phisical body that he wants?? I ASK YOU PEPOLE, VERSED

I hope i do not bother nobody for the tone of my words....
I am only wondering, if the written laws of Theosophy,that metaphisics
applies in daily things, Someone in the path, has the duty (Because all
of this is that: DUTY,DHARMA) of staying straight, and destroy all
desire and forget of the construction tool for him/herself, or that if
it is posible, that the wizard of the stories can marry the beautiful
princess of his dreams, and be happy of heart and have peace of mind,
because he was allowed to get her.
Wondering only.....
P.S. as Doss could say, my 1 peso viejo (0.001 peso nuevo) worth.

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