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ACT Newsletter

Mar 30, 1998 09:16 PM
by Ken Malkin

Ken Malkin wrote:

> Greetings Bart,
> ACT members are openly requesting any TSA members name for our mailing list.
> Access to the members list has been denied us by the Wheaton administration.
> Bart my friend, which one of these two posts represents your true thinking?
> What can you add, After all, this was your idea from the beginning. Do
> something you urged. We are trying to do something. I look forward to
> getting your membership added to the several a day that are coming in.
> Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> > Ken Malkin wrote:
> > > Greetings,
> > > Anyone wishing a copy of the ACT newsletter may get a copy via snail
> > > mail or e-mail by sending me a request.
> >
> Bart wrote
> >     Ken: From people in the NYTS who got the newsletter (how did you get
> > the mailing list, anyway? We couldn't figure it out by who got or didn't
> > get the newsletter),
> Ken wroteA NY member with a decidedly democratic nature was contacted and
> assisted to the degree that could be mustered. Would you be kind enough to
> request of your membership their inclusion in the ACT newsletter? Either
> snail mail or e-mail will be accommodated.
> Bart wrote
> I have gotten some very good feedback. Based on that, I am willing to
> say:Ken wrote
> Thanks Bart, many people across the entire country  gave of themselves to
> make the ACT Newsletter work. It is unfortunate that only 20 odd names were
> able to fit on the masthead.
> >     1) It looks like I misjudged ACT based on what was put and not put
> > on the web page.
> >
> >     2) I would appreciate if you emailed me a copy. If the message is
> > half as positive as people have said, then I think you have a good
> > organization there.
> >
> Tch, Tch, your name was the third on the list. I am surprised you did not
> get a copy. I labeled yours myself. I will send you one for what ever reason
> you wish, but look again, I feel confident you have gotten it.
> >     Bart Lidofsky
> >
> > -- THEOSOPHY WORLD -- Theosophical Talk --
> >
> Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 00:06:14 -0500
> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> To:
> Subject: ACT: How concerned ARE they?
> Message-ID: <>
>     I got a bit of news today which has soured me somewhat on ACT. I was
> sufficiently concerned about the proposed bylaw changes that I wrote to
> Wheaton adding my voice to what I assumed were the dozens of other
> voices protesting the changes. Much to my surprise,
> I was the ONLYperson who bothered to complain to Wheaton. The so-called
> ConcernedTheosophists were so "more-evolved-than-thou" certain of the
> selfish and evil intent at Wheaton that none of them even bothered to tell
> Wheaton
> about the problem.
> Ken wrote
> You have been taken in by Wheaton once again. If you wish, I will supply the
> requests justifying the by-law changes and to date, NOT ONE has been
> acknowledged. You may wish to check your source Bart.
> Bart wrote
> Well, the information I received was that it was an error on the part of the
> lawyers who wrote up the new wording, and there probably is still time to
> fix it before the ballots go out. If the Concerned Theosophists had informed
> Wheaton earlier, then there would have been more time to fix the problem.
> And what harm would have been done in simply asking about the change?
>     And, by the way, did those of you who claim that you cannot get a
> copy of the National bylaws bother to call the numbers listed on page 10
> of the March, 1998 Quest?
> Ken wrote
> Several requests have been made to no avail. I for one am still waiting for
> a reply to three e-mails.
> Bart wrote
> (I am not posting the numbers here, since they
> are clearly only for use by TSA members, and this list goes to a lot of
> non-TSA members).
> Bart
>     If you don't like what the leadership of the TSA is doing, it is not
> Ken,
> Geez louuuuuisssee Bart, don't you get it, the present administration DOES
> NOT GIVE A HOOT ABOUT ANY MEMBER other than those they can scare, bully or
> who just haven't taken the time to ask. Does it make sense that all this
> Bull s--- is going on if there is not big problem with the current
> Administration? Think buddy, think, and think again. Please Bart, support
> the white hats. At least request information and then decide. I've been
> offering you chapter and verse about the Wheatonists for two years. Take a
> chance, every paradigm can be realigned.
> Bart wrote
> enough to try to change the leadership. Let the current leadership know
> of your problems. Who knows? They may just decide to agree with you.
>     Bart Lidofsky

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