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ACT: How concerned ARE they?

Mar 28, 1998 09:06 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

    I got a bit of news today which has soured me somewhat on ACT. I was
sufficiently concerned about the proposed bylaw changes that I wrote to
Wheaton adding my voice to what I assumed were the dozens of other
voices protesting the changes. Much to my surprise, I was the ONLY
person who bothered to complain to Wheaton. The so-called Concerned
Theosophists were so "more-evolved-than-thou" certain of the selfish and
evil intent at Wheaton that none of them even bothered to tell Wheaton
about the problem.

    Well, the information I received was that it was an error on the
part of the lawyers who wrote up the new wording, and there probably is
still time to fix it before the ballots go out. If the Concerned
Theosophists had informed Wheaton earlier, then there would have been
more time to fix the problem. And what harm would have been done in
simply asking about the change?

    And, by the way, did those of you who claim that you cannot get a
copy of the National bylaws bother to call the numbers listed on page 10
of the March, 1998 Quest? (I am not posting the numbers here, since they
are clearly only for use by TSA members, and this list goes to a lot of
non-TSA members).

    If you don't like what the leadership of the TSA is doing, it is not
enough to try to change the leadership. Let the current leadership know
of your problems. Who knows? They may just decide to agree with you.

    Bart Lidofsky

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