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is the TS anti-initiatory?

Mar 31, 1998 07:58 AM
by Thoa Tran

I think that you can get deeply into your spiritual studies and experiences
without using drugs.  I heard of a story in which a yogi ingested some
pills and did not experience any effect from it because his consciousness
was already expanded.

Using drugs may be a quick way to expand your mind, but it is also
temporary.  The slow road up is much longer lasting.  The slow road up also
is a builder of the strong connection to the higher mind, its compassion,
its love.

I grew up among a generation of drug using peers.  People will make up all
sorts of excuses for their usage, from spiritual connection to financial
gain to promoting good feelings.  From what I've seen, it's all a cop out.
I did not see any wonderful, compassionate, enlightened beings.  Whatever
delusions they were under about themselves, all I saw were selfish people
who had no outside interests beyond their drug gatherings, who could not
make relationship commitments, and who attracted those of their kind.
Spiritual growth?  Give me a break!  Personal pleasure?  Yes!  Nothing
beyond that.  Try to get people who uses drug daily to go cold turkey.
You'll hear all sorts of excuses.  I got away from those people, and,
believe me, my non-drug using friends were much more responsive and kind

Thoa :o)

>The following is a quote from a book review of 'Reign of Quantity and Sign
>of the Times' by Rene Guenon (contact for info) -
>'.....furthermore, he found by critically studying spiritualism, theosophy
>and other movements that now could be seen as 'new age' , these movements
>were manifestations of the Zeitgeist of the Kali Yuga and hence were false
>traditions and operated in a counter initiatic manner.'
>By counter initiatic I presume the author means anti-drugs because that's
>what initation is really all about. I think it is time the TS came out
>publically against the War on Drugs and provided information regarding
>SOMA, initation rituals (eluesinian, bacchian, shamanic etc), LSD & Jungian
>Depth Psychology etc.
>Hail Discordia! Hail Eris!
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