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is the TS anti-initiatory?

Mar 30, 1998 05:34 PM
by dport

The following is a quote from a book review of 'Reign of Quantity and Sign
of the Times' by Rene Guenon (contact for info) -

'.....furthermore, he found by critically studying spiritualism, theosophy
and other movements that now could be seen as 'new age' , these movements
were manifestations of the Zeitgeist of the Kali Yuga and hence were false
traditions and operated in a counter initiatic manner.'

By counter initiatic I presume the author means anti-drugs because that's
what initation is really all about. I think it is time the TS came out
publically against the War on Drugs and provided information regarding
SOMA, initation rituals (eluesinian, bacchian, shamanic etc), LSD & Jungian
Depth Psychology etc.

Hail Discordia! Hail Eris!

The Mighty NOS

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