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Re: An idea

Feb 15, 1998 10:37 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:59 PM 2/15/1998 -0500, Alan wrote:
>In message <v01530500b10cdaa67620@[]>, Thoa
>Tran <> writes
>>when having someone proof-reading my writing would help.
>>This idea is just an idea, but it could be much more if there is massive
>>support.  It could be an impressive document with signature of members,
>>non-members, ex-members, etc.
>When we were forming the TI "Statement of Intent" some of the
>feedback came via theos-l, and some via personal e-mail.  I put out my
>original thoughts, and the would-be and existing members told me
>where I was wrong, what I had left out, and how the Statement could
>be better worded.  So I kept reposting the various amended versions
>until all those interested were in substantial agreement.
>As is to be expected, not everyone agreed with every detail of every
>line, but there was sufficient consensus for mutual agreement, and we
>went ahead with that.  It may not be too long before we reach the 100
>member mark.  Not high compared to "mainline" TS organisations, but
>our figures go only up. (One member did quit, but rejoined a month or
>two later after sundry correspondence).

Considering the current list of subscribers on theos-xxx, the number of 100
is outstanding.


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