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Announcement mailing list: gnostic-life

Feb 16, 1998 06:06 AM
by Douwe


I'd like to notify you about a new (un moderated) mailing list on Gnosis, to which you may subscribe by mailing a message to: with in the subject header-field : SUBSCRIBE

The aim of this list is to discuss the reality and the practice of Gnosis in daily life, as known to yourself, or in the case of historic accounts known to you.
This life has been propagated trough the centuries by many different groups, like the Manicheans, Valentinians, Cathars, etc.
Their belief was that there is a Divine spark, or seed hidden away in the natural body, and that this divine spark had to be watered by the spirit, so that the  Eternal and Original being might envelope from this seed. This being supposed to grow beyond the Natural being which is subjected to life and death.
There have been many historic pointers in this direction from the side of the Early Christians, Buddhists, Gnostics, Alchemists, Rosicrucians, Theosophists, Anthrosophists, etc.


-The updates to the list will be posted as often as possible.
-Any questions regarding the list you may send to:
-The list will only be moderated in the slightest way possible.
-All flamers, will be excluded from this list.
-Every spam will be reported to the postmaster of the sender-domain.

I hope that you will enjoy the list.

Best regards,


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