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The Importance of Open Communication

Feb 15, 1998 07:19 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Bart Lidofsky  writes
>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> The International President with the approval of the General Council can
>> cancell the charter. The rules can be found at:
>>         THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL: Working for a New Age:
>    Thank you, and thanks to Dr. Bain for providing the information.
>    Bart Lidofsky

Information is what the Internet is all about, and what it is best at.  I am
always interested in receving details or copies of documents relative to
the TS worldwide (not only Adyar) tha can be placed on the website
for information.  The Adyar rules are a case in point - they are the basis
for the International Adyar TS organisation.  When I was President of
my local Lodge, I obtained this particular document from the then Gen,
Sec. in England, Adam Warcup, who himself had only a photocopy.
Now *anyone* can get a copy.  The same Lodge registers its premises
as a place of religious worship as, and I quote, "The Religious
Denomination of Theosophists."  The Key to Theosophy by HPB has
an appendix in the original edition (lacking in later copies) giving details
of a US court decision that the TS is not, and cannot, by definition, be a
religious body.  The advantage of so registering (in the UK) is that the
Lodge is exempt from various taxes, rates, or levies, depending upon
the language used in different countries (in the UK it is Rates).

A copy of this dichotomous document is also on the website as an
image file.  Of course, people who attend lectures on these premises are
told that theosophy is not a religion ... yet the document dates back to

People will draw their own conclusions, but the information is there, and
is in the public domain, as under British law it has to be.


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