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Re:Differences between TS and NA

Feb 15, 1998 06:53 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>I do not know about NA, but some one else may be able to throw some light.
>However, I vaguely recall there were some organizational disputes
>TS years ago and it could be that some of the lodges may have moved into
>NA. I am also posting this on theos-l so that if anyone there knows
>something they could respond.


>At 06:36 PM 2/14/1998, you wrote:
>Dear theosophists,
>The TS Lodge in Croatia where I used to go before ten years became part of
>the organization called New Acropolis. What are the doctrinal and
>organizational differences between TS's and NA? What do you think about
>this NA organization? Is it stil teosophy, or something different, on your
>opinion. I heard that they are accused for some extreme right political
>ideology, but I have no evidence for it yet.
>           Kazimir Majorinc, dipl. ing. math.
>  Faculty of Natural Sciences and Math, University of Zagreb

Hi, I am quoting from the latest dictionary about sects in Germany from a
Mr. Hans-Otto
Wiebus: "Religionen, Sekten, Seelenfanger" (Religions, sects, soul

Folllowing Mr. Wiebus the New Acropolis was founded in 1957 in Buenos Aires
Jorge Angel Livraga (J.A.L., 1930-1991). Today there shall be 150 Centers
in 50 countries
with total 50,000 members exist. The first europian branch was founded in
1967 in
fascist Spain. The NA is to be said to combine theosophical thought with
right-winged ones
and to have a strong leader system with discipline and order and esoteric.
JAL shall have
based his doctrines on the Theosophy of Blavatsky. There exists an inner
circle which is
organised like a secret society.
So far this dictionary entry.
My comment: Perhaps the allegations are true or half-true. When I am
reading the entry
about Theosophy I don't know wether I should laugh or cry... Sadly no
bibliography of JAL
is given. Perhaps his books are only in Spanish?

Any news about NA are welcome.

Best wishes,
German Theos. Central Archives

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