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An idea

Feb 15, 1998 11:02 AM
by Thoa Tran

>In message <v01530500b10bd8f20fc8@[]>, Thoa
>Tran <> writes
>>The letter could also contain the technical aspects of setting up
>>communication.  It should be well-detailed, serious, and leaves no detail
>>Any feedback would help, otherwise this idea will just go nowhere.
>Feedback:  An idea well worth considering.  May I suggest you draft a
>proposed letter to the list, and then all subscribers can have their 2
>cents' worth of input etc., etc., until a consensus is reached?
>This was how we set up TI!  And TI is still here ...

Okay.  However, I have several requests before I attempt this.

1.  I need to know that this effort will get support.  So far, there's Alan
Bain.  Is there anyone else?  Two signatures will not be impressive.

2.  I need support of people with good contacts in the T.S., and of course,
extensive e-mail addresses.

3.  I need people who would volunteer to proof-read what I had written.  I
would prefer to do this privately until the letter is ready to be put out
to subscribers for their inputs.

I also have several questions:

Does anyone know of prominent theosophists who would be supportive of this

I will research into the technicality of having a chat session.  I'm
familiar with AOL's chat line, but not with the web's.  If anyone already
has good knowledge of this, let me know.  I would like to make it
technically as easy as possible for the officials to have a chat session.

The purpose of this is to increase communication.  The letter will contain
its mission, an invitation, technical details, and theosophists' support.
The main idea is communication and diplomacy.

Also, as you can see, my language is practical and direct.  I believe that
one of the aspects of proper communication is knowing who you are talking
to, and align your language to them.  For example, your language would be
different when you are talking to a child as opposed to talking to someone
doing their doctorate.  This is not phoniness, this is bringing out
different aspects of yourself that can relate to your subject.  Being a
semi-newbee, I have no idea how I should relate to the officers.  That's
when having someone proof-reading my writing would help.

This idea is just an idea, but it could be much more if there is massive
support.  It could be an impressive document with signature of members,
non-members, ex-members, etc.

If you think that this idea is ludicrous, please let me know why.  I would
appreciate the input.

Thoa :o)

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