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An idea

Feb 14, 1998 03:45 PM
by Thoa Tran

We have been discussing about the idea of having communication with the
officials via the internet.  How about starting an e-mail chain letter
writing campaign to this effect?  The letter will be addressed to Olcott
and written as a courteous invitation.  The letter could be written and
cross-checked by several people to make sure that the letter has good
intent.  This chain letter could also have the support of respected people
within the T.S.  Einar of Iceland comes to mind, since he seems sympathetic
to all theosophists.  Each theosophist receiving the letter could sign it
with the e-mail address and position.  Theosophists at large could also
sign the letter.  After signing, each theosophist will e-mail it out to all
the theosophists they know.  One person could be in charge of collecting
the e-mails.  Thus, after signing, the recipient should also cc the person
collecting the e-mails.

The intent of this request for contact should be to increase communication
and understanding, and not as a way of lynching.  Whatever gripes one may
have, the officers should be given lots of respect for their position.  It
doesn't mean you bury your concerns, but it does mean you word it in a way
that doesn't block communication.  If we do get an audience with the
officers, think of this as a way for future communication to be
established, and not destroy the opportunity.

The letter could also contain the technical aspects of setting up
communication.  It should be well-detailed, serious, and leaves no detail

Any feedback would help, otherwise this idea will just go nowhere.

Thoa :o)

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