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Art and spirituality

Jan 25, 1998 06:27 AM
by KeithHouston

> Of interest to me now is the notion of the SHEKINAH, as the divine
> receptical of wisdom and love chained in matter until the redemption
> of the unifications of worlds.  The Mona Lisa is an example in fine art,
> logos such as TOMMY HILFIGER are debased hypnotic forms that hook our
> unconsciousness into loving blue jeans and caps, don't ya know?
The logo itself doesn't do that. It's all the other glamour built up and
associated with it that tries to sway us as people on the desire level.
Don't torque yourself out too much about it. You gotta wear something
and it's OK to be a person. Enjoy your culture. It's fun. Play with it.

Keith:  Yeah!  En lighten _ UP!   The power these images have is real
because they represent power, and GLAMOUR.  Have you heard of ALice Bailey's
GLAMOUR: A WORLD PROBLEM.  The title is wonderful and she focuses on the
maya of all that is glamourous.  But you know what I love it -  give me a
good fantasy over reality any day.

Sometime it is only glamour, the shekinah presense of kindness in the midst
of the most grindingly material of situations like war even that give us a
reason to go on.

But it the abilty of some to manipulate this presense, that is so occult, so
frightening.  Hitler wanted to be an artist and architect before he found
his CALLING!  Why did he hate Jews so much?  It is o hard to understand.
But I have come to believe that he believed they really had the power to
pull down the shekinah presense for the purpose of material gain
particularly in bankind and entertainment. Oh, this is a sore subject! And I
was just about to lighen up.  BIG :)


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