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Re: The Esoteric School

Jan 21, 1998 08:34 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:04 PM 1/20/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
><> writes
>>There are far too many good and
>>honorable people in the E.S. to allow any conspiracy that violates the very
>>rules of the E.S. to remain a secret.
>For what do they need secrets in the first place, given the objects of the
>T.S.?  Are you a member?
>It is difficult not to wonder if there may not be bad and dishonorable
>people in the E.S. - how would anyone know?  Would the goodies tell
>on them?  Would the goodies even know there are baddies?  There is
>at least ONE - this I know from personal experience. Unfortunately,
>owing to the lack of documentary or other proof, I could only expose
>myself to further attack(s) from the same quarter.  I very much doubt if I
>am alone in this - anyone else had similar experience?

There are strange people - I would not go so far to say dishonorable people
every where. And ES is no exception.

I had known a man who was a member of one of the lodges who was in TS, ES,
Co-Masonic org. He had perhaps reached top levels of these and had for
years lived at Adyar HQ, the heart of the TS.

Hoping some of the spirit of Brotherhood would have osmosed into him with
his long exposure to Theosophy (and ES, Co-Masonic), I wanted to visit with
him to discuss an issue in which I thought he may be of some help to me.
(Every time our then International President Mr. N. Sri Ram showed up for
lecture at the Lodge, he was always in the front row looking like a sage
and devoted member of TS.

When I called him told him that I would like to visit with him, he told me
in unmistakable terms that he did not want to see me. So much for the
professed Brotherhood and practical Brotherhood.   This goes to show that
with all the external opportunities, some don't get it. This took place
over two decades ago in India.


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