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Re: The Esoteric School

Jan 19, 1998 09:43 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

JRC wrote:

>      I'm seeking (as part of a larger project) to discern the nature and
> degree to which the "Esoteric School" has integrated its members into the
> current leadership at the Wheaton Headquarters of the American Section, and
> to what degree, if any, plans or intentions for the TS general membership
> and organization are formulated in private interactions within the ES power
> structure.

    While the TS has a policy of not revealing personal information about its
members, the individual members of the E.S. are not forbidden from declaring
that fact. In addition, the only truly secret part of the E.S. are the passwords
used in E.S. meetings. If you joined the E.S., took vows not to reveal their
secrets, and then were told about secrets that you were not informed of out
front, and you felt that these secrets were harmful to the membership of the TS
at large, would you keep these secrets? There are far too many good and
honorable people in the E.S. to allow any conspiracy that violates the very
rules of the E.S. to remain a secret.

    Bart Lidofsky

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