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Re: The Esoteric School

Jan 19, 1998 09:51 PM
by JRC

>    While the TS has a policy of not revealing personal information about
>members, the individual members of the E.S. are not forbidden from
>that fact. In addition, the only truly secret part of the E.S. are the
>used in E.S. meetings. If you joined the E.S., took vows not to reveal
>secrets, and then were told about secrets that you were not informed of out
>front, and you felt that these secrets were harmful to the membership of
the TS
>at large, would you keep these secrets? There are far too many good and
>honorable people in the E.S. to allow any conspiracy that violates the very
>rules of the E.S. to remain a secret.
> Bart Lidofsky

Thank you for your opinion. I'm not seeking to find a "conspiracy", nor to
say that any member of the ES is not honorable or well intentioned. I am
simply trying to find the *truth* of this issue: To what degree do TS
officer/board membership and ES membership overlap, and are there intentions
for the TS as a whole that are created and planned within private ES
interactions. While everyone is certainly free to post any opinions they
wish, I myself am not seeking anyone's *evaluation* of the facts ... I'm
just seeking the *facts*. I'd be content to discover that no members of the
current board were ES members, and that the ES contented itself entirely
with personal development and formulated no plans for the larger TS - if
that is the truth of the matter.  From what I can gather from your post your
information is:
     That you do not know, or do not wish to say how many members of the
current TS leadership are also ES members, and
     That you are not aware of any planning going on within ES circles, or
if you are, do not personally consider the plans to be harmful to the TS.

If this is an accurate representation, then I thank you for your
contribution to my research, and eagerly await other perspectives.

Regards, JRC

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