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Re: The Esoteric School

Jan 21, 1998 08:47 PM
by M K Ramadoss

While this may not be of much of a help in your project, here is an
interesting anecdote.

Our Lodge used to have our general membership meetings at 10.00am each
Sunday. Usually the ES met between 9.00AM and 10.00AM. We had a couple, who
were members of TS and ES. They would come to the ES meeting very
religiously and as soon as the ES meeting was over they would not care to
attend the general TS Meeting nor even take a few minutes to meet those
assembled and leave immediately. This they did year after year till they
moved out to another city. The husband later held a very important high
International Office. If I had an opportunity to meet them, I would remind
them of their behaviour.

What this seems to show is that there appears to be a mistaken idea in the
minds of many ES members that their meetings and activities are somehow
more important than that of the ordinary TS membership. (I would very much
like to know, if possible what the Adepts think about this possible attitude.)

I do not know if any of you like to share your interesting experiences.


At 02:07 AM 1/19/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>Greetings All! hope everyone's new year is unfolding well ...
>     I'm in the middle of a little research project just now, and wondering
>whether there might be anyone on the list with some information I'm looking
>for ....
>     I'm seeking (as part of a larger project) to discern the nature and
>degree to which the "Esoteric School" has integrated its members into the
>current leadership at the Wheaton Headquarters of the American Section, and
>to what degree, if any, plans or intentions for the TS general membership
>and organization are formulated in private interactions within the ES power
>     I understand that apparently people's membership in the ES, as well as
>(presumably)  any such behind-the-scenes planning, are supposed to be kept
>"secret". I also understand, however, that among past and even current ES
>members there is a good deal of discontent . Should there then be those
>among the ES membership that wish to speak to me privately (your
>confidentiality will be completely respected) about the topics mentioned
>above, please contact me by email at <>, by snail mail
>at P.O. Box 7373, Missoula, MT, 59807, or by phone at (406)-721-7499.
>     Many Thanks, -JRC

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