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Re: Theos-World WQ Judge's Letters

Jan 21, 1998 08:19 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:55 AM 1/16/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> At 12:51 AM 1/16/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>> >M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> >
>> >> >    If anybody wishes to reach Mr. Gomes in person, he is the librarian
>> at the
>> >> >New York Theosophical Society. By email, he can be reached at
>> >> (I
>> >> >will make certain he receives any email addressed to him.
>> >> >
>> >> >    Bart Lidofsky
>> >>
>> >> Does Mr. Gomes have a e-mail address of his own?
>> >
>> >    Not as far as I know.
>> >
>> >    Bart Lidofsky
>> If he has access to a 386 machine with windows and a modem, he may want to
>> get a free e-mail account set up with Juno. It is free and does not need a
>> Internet Service Provider. I am sure he has access to some kind of computer
>> resource and as an author should be using some word processing software.
>> Please pass this on to him. I would like to get his response.
>    He has access, and had been offered this in the past. He does not take
>advantage of this, however, so I take care of his email correspondence. I
>asssume that he prefers to let me act as his secretary, but I cannot speak
>    Bart Lidofsky

I am glad to note that he had been offered this in the past and sorry to
learn that he does not take advantage of this.

The Internet/e-mail is such a new media which is so radically different
from the print and video media that many don't understand it yet. These
include many scholars and other learned people. Scholarship and learning
has no correlation with the ability to have insight and perceive the
potential and take action on time. I have seen scholars write about
Internet in print media but have not seen them effectively use them,
perhaps due to their long habit of love of paper and print.

Added to it is the general difficulty that organizational leadership that
are used to control (and censor) flow of information (to its membership)
thru their official magazines and journals to learn to deal with the new
medium which is not easily amenable to control and censorship.

Also is the fact that most of the leadership belong to older generation
which did not grow up in the computer culture like the current generation.
One has just the see age (and grey hairs) of International and National
Leaders of TS(Adyar) as an example. Also many times those working closely
with these leaders may imbue the attitudes of the Leadership towards this

IMHO, the pity is that the leadership have not taken the bull by the horns
and make an effective use of the new technology to spread the message of
Theosophy, which is the primary job they are expected to do.

It is only a question of time that the Internet Juggernaut runs over anyone
who does not get on it and Time is a great solver of all problems.



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