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Private Responses to maillist msgs

Jan 22, 1998 09:42 AM
by M K Ramadoss

A little while ago, one of the subscribers sent me an eloquent e-mail msg
in response to a discussion that is going on here on maillists.

Internet is the ideal medium for public discussion of issues of interest to
many of us. Also it helps everyone to understand the issues and points of
view, and provide feedback however divergent they may be. Also one is
likely to be more precise and factual in a public forum.

In these circumstances, my personal request to everyone is that if you have
something to say about something I have posted in the maillists, don't be
afraid to post it as a public response for everyone to see. Everyone will
be a winner is such a public discussion and no one need to be afraid of
Truth and Truth needs no defenders either.


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