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The Esoteric School

Jan 18, 1998 11:00 PM
by JRC

Greetings All! hope everyone's new year is unfolding well ...
     I'm in the middle of a little research project just now, and wondering
whether there might be anyone on the list with some information I'm looking
for ....
     I'm seeking (as part of a larger project) to discern the nature and
degree to which the "Esoteric School" has integrated its members into the
current leadership at the Wheaton Headquarters of the American Section, and
to what degree, if any, plans or intentions for the TS general membership
and organization are formulated in private interactions within the ES power
     I understand that apparently people's membership in the ES, as well as
(presumably)  any such behind-the-scenes planning, are supposed to be kept
"secret". I also understand, however, that among past and even current ES
members there is a good deal of discontent . Should there then be those
among the ES membership that wish to speak to me privately (your
confidentiality will be completely respected) about the topics mentioned
above, please contact me by email at <>, by snail mail
at P.O. Box 7373, Missoula, MT, 59807, or by phone at (406)-721-7499.
     Many Thanks, -JRC

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