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on benefits of self-consciousness

Jan 18, 1998 09:08 PM
by KeithHouston

Stan Tenen of the Meru foundation has some interesting ideas in this
quoatation that I would like to add to the discussion of the
self-consciousness (and the develpment of sacred alphabets):

After all, life on Earth reaches one further step of organization. Human
beings (and perhaps a few other creatures such as some primates, elephants
and the cetacea) are not only living animals  whose living neg-entropic
organization comes from the contrast of the bright physical sun in the dark
sky  but we are also conscious and aware of ourselves. Humans have a
special hand with an opposable thumb marking our self-reflexive awareness
and  some say consequently  we form and use language.
Following Penrose's argument, where does our "hyper" self-aware
consciousness get its organizing information? What "hand" "informs" our
special, "higher" human consciousness?
Does there exist or can we hypothesize a "higher" "hyper" contrast than
between our star and the sky? Conceptually, at least, we can. The contrast
between our physical sun and the sky can be idealized and extended by
considering, at least in principle, an even higher, brighter source  a
source of ALL-THERE-IS.
If the sun is a very bright, yet finite source, very far away, but not
infinitely far away, then we could investigate the consequences of an
infinite source at an infinite distance from us. We can define a model of an
exquisitely singular and omnipotent source.
As with the Fourier Transform  musical harmonics ("music of the spheres")
model, our extension of Professor Penrose's High Contrast leads us to an
infinite pulse. (It is interesting to note that Kabbalists understand this
principle of highest contrast as the paradox of God withdrawing or
contracting (tzimtzum) and then projecting.) In this case the pulse is an
infinitely energetic Singularity infinitely far away.
This then could be the "hyper" source of our human self-aware consciousness.
This conceptually farthest, brightest source is also the conceptually
highest information, lowest entropy source. It is the "hyper-neg-entropic"
source of universal consciousness that corresponds to the One-God. By
(Abraham's) definition this is the most "high-contrast" source.

How are we to model this ultimate, exquisite, unknowable UNITY representing
our unique definition of the Singularity of the One-Living-God? Is there an
entirely abstract  non-idolatrous  mathematical model that incorporates
Singularity, Uniqueness, Self-organization, Universality, Infinitude,
Elegance and Simplicity?
What is the most elegant and exquisite model of "highest contrast"?
Could this same model also represent the meditational process or the path
and goal of the "Hero's Journey?"
In The Laws of Form, mathematician G. Spencer-Brown proposes the "mark of
distinction" archetypally distinguishing INSIDE from OUTSIDE as a definition
of maximal contrast. Mathematicians have shown that all of formal logic can
be derived from G. Spencer-Brown's "mark of distinction." The following is
from The Laws of Form, p. xxix (emphasis added):
"The theme of this book is that a universe comes into being when a space is
severed or taken apart. The skin of a living organism cuts off an outside
from an inside. So does the circumference of a circle in a plane. By tracing
the way we represent such a severance, we can begin to reconstruct, with an
accuracy and coverage that appear almost uncanny, the basic forms underlying
linguistic, mathematical, physical, and biological science, and can begin to
see how the familiar laws of our own experience follow inexorably from the
original act of severance.
Keith:  I think these ideas are very suggestive of the fact that humanity
wherever it may be found (including other globes or dimensions, planes etc).
would develop along the lines of our current life-wave (the totality of
evolution as discussed in the SD).  This means that man would develop
language, tools and technology, and even religion based on the remanents of
the "image" of God in his bodies, that is the body and the psyche.

Thus the shadow of the human hand and sacred geometries would inspire
alphabets everywhere.  The nature and shape of the human mouth would give us
the same sounds and consanants.  The archetypes and dream images would
inspire stories of the "gods" and angelic beings.

The very nature of letter and number inspires a scheme of emanation of the 0
and the line or 1, dividing into 2, movement as 3, 4 plane geometry of the
number 4 etc.

The Hebrew alphabet is especially interesting because it provides the
shadowgrams of the hand as a Jacob's ladder of the spark descending from the
all, Aleph, dividing into Beth, the house of God and coming and going on the
camel of Gimel on down through the source of waters Mem and Lamed is
learning to turn back and reascend up to the all, Aleph, again.

The abiltity to refect is essential for life to use high states of
negentropy to their own advantage and the mind does the same by reflecting
on itsef and the world.  This very reflexivity may be a key to the nature of
the manifest world.  This stilling of the reverberation of sound, mind and
light may give us a glimpse into the nature of the All.
Keith Price

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