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Re: The Esoteric School

Jan 19, 1998 11:20 AM
by M K Ramadoss

You may want to look into the famous and very rare book by Ernest Wood --
Is This Theosophy? There is a short description of how politics was handled
by CJ and CWL. I do not know if any thing has changed in the last four

May be you should post the msg on theos-talk as well, if you have not done
it yet.


PS: since this book is extremely rare, if anyone is interested I can post
the relevant excerpt(s).
At 02:07 AM 1/19/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>Greetings All! hope everyone's new year is unfolding well ...
>     I'm in the middle of a little research project just now, and wondering
>whether there might be anyone on the list with some information I'm looking
>for ....
>     I'm seeking (as part of a larger project) to discern the nature and
>degree to which the "Esoteric School" has integrated its members into the
>current leadership at the Wheaton Headquarters of the American Section, and
>to what degree, if any, plans or intentions for the TS general membership
>and organization are formulated in private interactions within the ES power
>     I understand that apparently people's membership in the ES, as well as
>(presumably)  any such behind-the-scenes planning, are supposed to be kept
>"secret". I also understand, however, that among past and even current ES
>members there is a good deal of discontent . Should there then be those
>among the ES membership that wish to speak to me privately (your
>confidentiality will be completely respected) about the topics mentioned
>above, please contact me by email at <>, by snail mail
>at P.O. Box 7373, Missoula, MT, 59807, or by phone at (406)-721-7499.
>     Many Thanks, -JRC

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