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Re: arctic lights and queer sights?

Jan 19, 1998 00:28 AM
by Vincent Beall

M K Ramadoss wrote:
> At 05:26 AM 1/19/1998 -0500, you wrote:
> >"It is easy. If truth is static then it stays the same. If truth is dynamic,
> >then today-truth is different from tomorrow-truth. It may have some thing to
> >do with we ourselves growing.
> >
> >mkr"
> >
> >What happens if truth is static and dynamic at the same time and there
> >even is a past-truth?
> >
> >Nicole
> >
> >
> Good question. It is possible that truth may be beyond time and space, in
> which case static or dynamic may be inappropriate.
> mkr

Truth is the completely acurate peception of an 'object' which for our
minds we can call a surface. Any consideration of more than one 'object'
(in other words propositions among true objects) goes beyond truth and
into the area of "knowledge". The true nature of reality is determined
by a chaotic process, which may be as simple as the interaction between
two scales which may satisfy as a model for metaphysical thought, but we
do know that our physical universe is of such a paradoxical nature,
requiring description by two theories, special and general relativity.

Our "knowledge" informs us that understanding the world is not given by
a single model which would provide a simple seamless logic. Instead it
is apparently a complex interaction of at least two very different
models. Sounds like mathematical chaos to me, and if it walks like a
duck; via duck!

Maybe, aside from truth and knowledge, meaning is rooted in paradox
which is rooted in the existance two or more interacting things.


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