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Seeing Mahatmas

Nov 25, 1997 06:10 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Cayce, probably we all have, but didn't recognize
them.  Theosophy has built up a more and more elaborate (and
unrealistic, IMO) idea of what they are.  HPB said they
appeared as ordinary people to those around them; within a few
years of her death Judge was writing that their physical bodies
were so gloriously radiant that us ordinary folks couldn't bear
the vibrations-- so they *had* to stay in seclusion to protect
us.  HPB wrote in a letter to Franz Hartmann:  "...fanatics,
who began calling them `Mahatmas', and, little by little, the
Adepts were transformed into Gods on earth.  They began to be
appealed to, and made puja to, and were becoming with every day
more legendary and miraculous...I saw with terror and anger the
false track they were all pursuing [and still are to this
day--PJ] The `Masters," as all thought, must be omniscient,
omnipresent, omnipotent...The idea that the Masters were mortal
men, limited, even in their great powers, never crossed
anyone's mind, although they themselves wrote this repeatedly."

In a letter to Sinnett, K.H. said (paraphrase) "Think of us as
simple men like yourselves, perhaps a little wiser as the
result of special study, and the problem will be solved."
You've seen that, haven't you?  I have, lots of times.  What a
shame that this advice and HPB's comments above have been
totally ignored in all branches of the movement.

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